A Message From Tracy

I can see her….them…the pain they have to suffer with daily. However, I am in a place of constant, committed peace. My arrival did not have to be like this, as I lay to rest with my Lord in heaven.

My mother’s pain is agonizing! My passing came out of the dark of the night and grabbed me before the sun could heat the day.

My culprit was MELANOMA. It is swift, unkind and quiet. It is the unspoken cancer. The “one” that nobody ever expects to visit….yet I am here!

Our skin in the largest organ of the human body and the most abused. We expect it to be there. We enjoy pushing it around, neglecting its care and ignoring the signs that it visibly gives us that something is wrong.

Treat your lovely skin with the respect is desperately cries out for….early detection by making an annual visit with your Dermatologist. Genetics and a weakened immune system must also be considered.

So let my Mother’s tears, my family’s pain and my life lost , so quickly, mean something….